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Demand of Quality Teachers

In this Spring 2014 Issue of TEACHES OF COLOR Magazine we give readers insights into schools committed to diversity that are hiring teachers right now. Additionally, we have pulled together relevant articles and resources so that you can prepare yourself to get the best-fitting teacher-job for you. We want you to have a teacher-job that will allow you to be successful and to grow professionally for years to come.

So, how do you get your dream teacher-job where you will be successful and able to make an impact on your students’ learning? Well, we think you should start with being honest with yourself and doing the proper preparation and planning. Start by assessing yourself to discover your strengths, your goals, and what motivates you to give your best. Prepare yourself by reading career information and by talking with your professors and with teachers in the field. Create a checklist based on your goals that will not only help you land the best job, but will give you what you need to successfully run your classroom.

You will find that preparation will strengthen and polish your teacher skill-set and shed light on opportunities that you may have never known existed. That’s what TEACHERS OF COLOR magazine and the website are all about. We want to shed light on new opportunities, give you the information that will strengthen your career prep, and enable you to find your dream-teaching job. In this issue you will find 78 of our Diversity Recruitment Partnering schools and districts, representing over 1000 schools. They are all committed to recruiting you!

-Preston J. Edwards Jr.

-Spring 2014 Issue 

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