Dr. Sonia Nieto, Professor Emerita of Language, Literacy, and Culture, School of Education, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Dr. Nieto’s scholarly work has focused on multicultural and bilingual education, curriculum reform, teacher education, Puerto Rican children’s literature, and the education of Latinos, immigrants, and other culturally and linguistically diverse student populations. She has written numerous book chapters and articles on these themes, and her articles have appeared in such journals as Educational Leadership, The New Educator, The Harvard Educational Review, and Multicultural Education. Her first book, Affirming Diversity: The Sociopolitical Context of Multicultural Education (1992), is in its fifth edition, is used widely in multicultural education and professional development courses. Dr. Nieto talked with Teachers of Color magazine about culture, teaching and today’s education system. Read more[…]



Geoffrey Canada is the CEO of New York’s Harlem Children’s Zone (HCZ), the multi-site, multi-program community organization that provides a unique and comprehensive interlocking network of education, social and health services, and recreation to more than 21,000 children and adults within a 100-block area of Central Harlem.

Mr. Canada has helped shape a new direction in education with his celebrated school and prominent role in Davis Guggenheim’s moving documentary Waiting for Superman. We recently had a conversation with Mr. Canada on some of the issues affecting education reform.  Read more […]




Dr. Pedro Noguera was a classroom teacher in public schools in Providence, RI and Oakland, CA. He currently is Professor of Teaching and Learning at New York University where his expertise focuses on schools and learning in urban environments. Dr. Noguera has written several books, numerous articles and appears as a regular commentator on CNN, National Public Radio, and other national news outlets. In his interview with Teachers of Color magazine, he shares some of his ideas on teaching and ways for new teachers to prepare themselves for the classroom. Read more […]



Dr. Steve Perry, Founder of Capital Preparatory Magnet School and CNN Education Contributor. Dr. Perry is also a columnist for Essence magazine, and the author of the bestselling self-published book Man Up! He is  a nationally sought after speaker who has appeared on hundreds of radio and television broadcasts and at education and cultural forums around the country.

Dr. Perry is in a hurry to transform the educational experience for all children, and talks with Teachers of Color magazine about how teachers can contribute. Read more […]



Michelle Rhee has a bit of advice for new teachers…“Enough is Enough! Our kids, our families and economies are going to continue to struggle unless we are willing to invest in education, and stop seeing urban kids as “other kids.”

It was just a few months into Michelle Rhee’s 2007 appointment as the chancellor of the District of Columbia schools, before she was labeled as the most polarizing school district leader in America. She didn’t let anyone get in the way of her mission to close poorly achieving, dilapidated schools, overhaul a teacher contract to include performance pay, and fire underperforming central-office workers. Read more […]